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Southbridge Academy Referral Process

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Referral Process

  1. Referring staff/school fills out this Referral Form.
  2. Southbridge Academy (SA) staff will review and schedule a meeting with the internal team within two weeks of receiving referral.
  3. SA Staff will complete an observation of the student if needed.
  4. Team meeting will be held to discuss placement.
  5. The Clinical Coordinator will schedule intake with student and family.


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Southbridge Academy is a therapeutic day school that offers a therapeutic environment tailored to support students who require behavioral interventions beyond what is offered in a traditional school setting. We believe that many challenging behaviors stem from deficiencies in problem solving skills and the ability to see a clear picture of what is going on.

Southbridge Academy uses trauma-informed and PBIS approaches to provide opportunities for students to reflect on challenging situations and develop solutions to new and long-standing problems. With a focus on academic success, we work with families, collaterals such as You Inc,  DCF, and DYS and the community at large to support students who engage in challenging behaviors.

We believe that working together and developing relationships with all members of a students’ team helps our students overcome challenges that are preventing them from fully accessing an education.


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In addition to supporting social/emotional challenges, Southbridge Academy is focused on preparing students for life after graduation. Affiliations with Quinsigamond Community College, Porter & Chester, Job Corps, the US Army and others provide a variety of opportunities for our students to learn about career options and start planning for a successful future.