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Staff Directory

Meet The Staff




Tiffany Greaney


[email protected]


Anna Robert

Clinical Coordinator

[email protected]


Meaghan Prince

Coordinator of Instruction & Climate

[email protected]


Lynn Cote

Administrative Assistant 

[email protected]




Jose Alicea S.E.O. [email protected]
Mikayla Battaglia E.A.
Kristen Brunelle ELA [email protected]
Melissa Carter SAC [email protected]
Phil Cepeda Science Teacher [email protected]
Justin Chauvin P.E & Health Teacher [email protected]
Daniel Clyne Math Teacher [email protected]
Catarina Coelho S.E.O. [email protected]
Patty Dargie Counselor [email protected]
Vincent DiPietro S.E.O [email protected]
Jeremy Durand Vocational Specialist [email protected]
Stephanie Fiorucci Nurse
Bridget Healey BCBA [email protected]
Jhoan Jones E.A [email protected]
Sujeidy Lopez E.A slopez1@southbridgepublic.org
Kelly Moulin City Connects Coord. [email protected]
Jim Murray History Teacher [email protected]
Steven Perry E.A [email protected]
Al Richards History Teacher [email protected]
Chris Rubenacker Music Teacher
Katelyn Stone Art Teacher [email protected]
Benedicta Wright SAC [email protected]